About CW Financial Strategies

We believe the day of the generalist in financial services has past and the era of the specialist is upon us.  In today’s competitive environment an advisor must be able to present to the public a level of expertise and specialization to command reasonable compensation for their services.  Helping advisors transition from being a generalist to a specialist is at the core of our business. Our role with advisors is to provide them with:


Structuring a successful practice in today’s regulatory environment is a challenge.  A successful advisor must wear two hats: 1) A business owner; and 2) a financial advisor.  As a business owner you must make sure that your revenue exceeds your expenses. That sounds elementary, but it is not an easy task given fee compression and pressure on commissions.  To increase profitability, one must intelligently leverage people, vendor resources, and technology. Focusing on your ability to bring value to the client often leads to outsourcing various functions and operations.  What are the best practices that you can adopt?

As a financial advisor you are required to maintain a level of continuing education to maintain your licenses.  As a specialist you will need to go the extra mile. Excellence has a price. The price is time spent improving skills, knowledge and expertise year after year.  What are the best resources for leading you to become the best you can be?


The difference between supervision and leadership is relationship.  Just as you must know your client to lead them to the best avenues for their success, our leadership team is committed to understanding how best to guide you to your greatest effectiveness.  That means understanding you. What are your mission, vision, values and goals? What is your business plan to achieve them? What resources do you need and what guidance will help you achieve them?


Your clients do not do business with your products.  They do business with you! If you sound like every other advisor in town, why should they choose you?  Offering your clients a unique experience sets you apart from others in your area. How do you do that? Having an outside observer can give you insight into ways to improve.  The best athletes in the world have coaches. You should have one too!

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