They say a woman’s work is never done. If you are a woman advisor, this is especially true if the organization with which you are working makes it a challenge for you to do business. You know the drill, if it is not compliance it is operations. If not operations it is new business requirements.

What if you had resources which supported your business? What if you could work as an independent office but with team resources and support of a broker dealer who understood your business needs?

An advisor focused broker dealer could be one that has been named broker dealer of the year by Investment Advisor magazine 11 times since 2007! It could be one that says “yes” more than “no”, or at least “how can we…?”! Or maybe just a broker dealer that only comes to mind when you need help with a difficult situation, and you know they are there for you.

I moved my 22 advisors to Cambridge Investment research in November 2017. I will be the first to say that Cambridge is not perfect. I will also be first to say that they are “Partners”. Their focus is providing me and my advisors with an environment to succeed. From the executives to the call center, we feel that we are important to them—because we are.

If you are looking for a smaller producer group within a great Broker Dealer, we should talk. Check us out at our web link below, and think about what it would be like to focus solely on meeting the needs of your clients, while someone else is thinking about how to meet yours!

Nichole Reinhardt, CLU, ChFC

President CW Financial Strategies

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