Have you ever received an email from a broker dealer about their culture and women, and wonder if they really see you as a person?

I did. I was a skeptic before I joined Cambridge. And it was a big deal to me – as an OSJ representing a group ready to move with women representing one third of my group, I needed a place where the broker dealer truly understood their practice and supported their efforts.

Let’s face it – there are facets of our business which are gender neutral. You need to make that stock trade? Doesn’t matter your gender – you need a platform to make this trade. I get that. I also recognize there is something unique in the way women work with clients that differs from men. I know that because the other two thirds of my team are men!

When I looked for a new home for us, Cambridge quickly came to the top of the list. Amy Webber, President and CEO is a leader in diversifying the financial landscape and attracting new talent to our industry. The proof is in the numbers: Women make up 30% of Senior Executives at Cambridge. 50% of the Senior Vice Presidents, 56% of Associate Vice Presidents. As of 12/31/17, 17% of producing Cambridge advisors are women, ranking them as #4 for the highest percentage or women advisors in 2018, Financial Planning FP50.

If you have ever said about your current situation, “they just don’t get it”, maybe we should talk. I encourage you to reach out to me. As woman supervisor and leader, I work with a firm who “gets it”. We have a community and are partners providing collaboration and connectedness. I think you’ll find “I get it” too. Let’s talk.

Nichole Reinhardt, CLU, ChFC

President CW Financial Strategies

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